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FFC Services, Inc. (FFCS) is the only full service aviation support specialist to offer comprehensive fuel system maintenance and management along with our complete aircraft fuel tank repair capabilities. FFCS is a highly specialized service provider to all major U.S. airline carriers and the United States Military.

24/7 Fuel System Maintenance | Fuel Cell Repair

FFCS Emergency Response teams are strategically domiciled throughout the United States and Asia to offer the best response times in the aircraft industry. All FFCS teams are managed from a centralized 24x7 aircraft Operations Control Center located in Memphis Tennessee. Contact us today for all of your fuel system maintenance requirements, and fuel tank needs for corporate, commercial, or military aircraft.… 1-800-TANK-DIVE (826-5348)


We are committed to providing the aviation industry with excellence in quality products and responsive services by delivering unparalleled value to our customers. We will achieve this commitment through loyalty, trust and communication with our customers and our greatest resource – OUR PEOPLE

FFC Services, Inc. is the worldwide leader in providing full service aircraft fuel systems maintenance. We have built our business on providing the aviation industry the finest in prompt personal service and quality products job after job. We provide unmatched worldwide customer support, with FFCS teams strategically domiciled through out the United States and Singapore. FFC Services’ FAA Repair Station No. N2RR559Y specializes in the following services for helicopter fuel cell maintenance, and all aircraft fuel cell repair and maintenance:

  • Aircraft Fuel Leak Detection and Repair
  • De-sealing and Re-sealing Integral Tanks
  • Aircraft Fuel System Component Replacement
  • Aircraft Line Maintenance Support
  • Aircraft Wash Programs
  • Aircraft Fuel Quantity Calibration
  • Aircraft Fuel Migration Detection
  • Aircraft Sheet Metal Repairs
  • Aircraft Heavy Maintenance Support
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